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Patient Testimonials

I can walk again!! Thanks to Leanne Neil for all your time and skill. I suffered over a month with terrible foot pain. I couldn’t go down the stairs or even walk from room to room without leaning on something. Leanne was able to correct my problem and in a little over 4 weeks I was absolutely pain free. It feels great to be able to walk again. Thank you Leanne you threw a lot of different techniques at me but you did it. I found Leanne Neil to be very professional yet she listened to what I was saying about my pain. My regular doctor doesn’t do that.

Dr. Paul and his staff took wonderful care of me through bunion surgeries on both feet. My feet look and feel amazing and I am so happy that I got them done. It was really nice to have one place to go for all of my appointments with Dr. Paul and physical therapy sessions with Tana and Leanne. I highly recommend seeing them if you need anything done to your feet!

The pain in my foot was only getting worse so Dr. Paul’s staff worked me in between other appointments the next day. X-rays showed two broken bones! It was a relief to be seen, diagnosed and treated so quickly! The office is clean and Dr. Paul and his staff are so friendly and helpful!

I have been a patient of Dr. Paul’s for many years. I like his laid back approach to the issues that I have had. He has performed 2 surgeries and has been very caring before and after the procedures. I have had difficulties with my foot that he was not comfortable treating and he referred me to Northwestern for treatment. I am so grateful that he wanted the best possible treatment for my problems. I would recommend Dr. Paul to anyone having foot and ankle troubles, he and his staff are WONDERFUL!!

I had my last post op appointment with Dr. Paul yesterday (12/10/2020). My experience with McLean County Foot & Ankle was nothing but positive in all areas from initial appointment with Dr. Paul, his dedicated staff, my surgery, and through my healing. Dr. Paul and his nurses explained in detail what I was to expect from day one and continued on through my 12 weeks of healing. My surgery went well and I cannot begin to put into words how much I respect Dr. Paul for the relief he has given me in such a short time. I can now walk again without pain and I must say that the foot surgery was absolutely nothing compared to the pain I was in prior to my surgery. I am forever thankful to Dr. Paul for enriching my life today which allows me to accomplish things in my life that I had given up due to the pain I endured for so long. Every member of his staff was inviting and personable which made me feel at ease. This was, indeed, an experience that if needed to repeat on my opposite foot, I will not hesitate to give McLean Foot & Ankle a call and have my appointment set up ASAP. Thank you to Dr. Paul for all you have done for me to reach this point along with his staff. The pain I experienced prior to surgery was much, much worse than the surgery and healing was made easy if one simply follows the orders given to feel the relief I enjoy today. I highly recommend McLean Foot & Ankle. They are compassionate, caring, and personable with a very well run office to accommodate your needs.

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