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"After an extensive foot surgery successfully performed by Dr Paul, he offered the option of laser therapy to aid in my recovery. With each treatment, I saw a significant decrease in swelling and the pain relief I felt was remarkable! Although it is not covered by insurance and the cost is $360 for the recommended six treatments, it was completely worth it. There are no negative side effects, just positive results!”

- Judy S., April 16, 2018


"I LOVE THE MLS LASER!  After a couple treatments at McLean County Foot and Ankle, I noticed remarkable pain relief.  I initially came to see Dr. Paul for my Achilles tendonitis, and my pain level was a 4-5 out of 10.  I noted marked improvement as I completed each and every laser treatment.  After my last and final treatment, I was back to 100%.  I thought I would never get better, but the Laser did the trick!  Dr. Paul and his staff go above and beyond, and I am always pleased with the service I receive.  If Dr. Paul recommends MLS Laser Treatment… USE IT!  It is a wonderful tool for healing.  THANKS, DR. PAUL AND STAFF, FOR EVERYTHING!”

- Kathy T., May 26, 2017


"Dr. Paul had indicated that the pain in my left foot was the result of a neuroma.  We tried two injections along with some physical therapy sessions through the pain still persisted.  Dr. Paul suggested I try Laser Therapy, something he had been using on other patients.  There is absolutely no pain or incisions involved with Laser Therapy.  After 12 sessions my pain level was almost completely gone!  Based on this experience with Laser Therapy I would do it again should my neuroma ever come back.  I feel I had remarkable results with this technique."

- V. B., May 11, 2017


"I have had idiopathic neuropathy for many years.  Medications helped some but there is no cure and my symptoms progressively got worse.  When the opportunity came for me to try MLS Laser Therapy it sounded promising, and I was willing to give it a try.  I saw almost immediate improvement, and after each treatment, I could see more improvement with each visit.  Although my pain is not completely gone, it is about 80% better which is a huge improvement, and I am very pleased with that!  I still have some neuropathy symptoms but the numbness and tingling is greatly improved.  It was very easy to arrange the treatments and I would recommend MLS Laser to anyone who has suffered from neuropathy because it has made a huge difference for me!"

- Colleen K., May 10, 2017 


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“I have been with Dr. Paul for over 15 years...wouldn't have it any other way!
He knows his specialty and has a great personality. He is discreet with my feet
And really knows my toes! ...”

- Cindy T., May 23, 2016


“Dr. Paul did my heel reconstruction last year. It was a major surgery with a long recovery time. Dr. Paul has stayed at my side all these months and given me compassionate care through all my struggles to get my life back. I'm very thankful."

- Jennifer P., April 24, 2016


“Dr. Paul is great! I took my daughter to see him last week for her foot pain. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to listen and answer all of her questions. He explained all of the options and was able to discuss a plan of action to relieve her pain. I would definitely recommend Dr. Paul and his staff at McLean County Foot and Ankle for all your podiatry concerns…”  

- Chris L., February 9, 2016

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