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By McLean County Foot and Ankle
November 09, 2017
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Find out what simple measures you can take to ensure that your hammertoes don’t get worse.hammertoe

Has our Bloomington, IL, podiatrist Dr. Gerald Paul recently examined your foot and told you that you suffer from hammertoes? Perhaps you came in because your toes were starting to feel uncomfortable in your regular shoes or maybe you just came in for a routine checkup when we discovered this issue. While hammertoes aren’t often serious in the earlier stages, it’s important that you also properly care for your feet to prevent the hammertoe from progressing. While doing these things won’t cure the problem, it will provide your feet with the relief they need.

Wear Properly Fitted Shoes

By now it’s probably obvious that the shoes you wear can greatly impact the health of your feet. It’s important that the shoes you wear provide a spacious toe box (the part of the shoes that cover your toes). The toe box should be broad enough that toes aren’t bunched up. Also, if you must wear heels, make sure the heels are less than 2 inches, as high heels can put too much pressure on the toes.

Wear Protective Padding

Regardless of whether your hammertoe already has a corn on it or not, most people notice that their hammertoes rub against shoes, causing friction and discomfort. If this happens to you then it might be time to purchase some non-medicated toe pads to cover your deformity and to take pressure off the affected toe joint while wearing shoes.

Splint or Brace the Toe

If your hammertoe is still in the earlier stages, then our Bloomington, IL, foot doctor may recommend splinting or bracing the toe in order to correct the alignment. Correcting the toe’s alignment will also help distribute pressure more evenly among the foot to prevent the hammertoe from getting worse.

Exercise Your Feet Daily

Sure, this might sound odd but since hammertoes often come about due to a muscular imbalance within the foot it’s important that you perform certain foot exercises every day to strengthen the muscles and improve how the foot functions. We would be happy to show you a variety of different exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are concerned that you might have hammertoes or you have questions about caring for your conditions, the foot specialists at McLean County Foot and Ankle in Bloomington, IL, are here to provide you with all the help you could need. Call us today!

By McLean County Foot and Ankle
July 08, 2016
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Hammertoes  

Medical conditions affecting your feet can quickly turn into a painful and irritating experience. We often take for granted walking or simply standing, which conditions like hammertoe can compromise. Do you know what causes hammertoes or how to avoid them? Learn more with your Bloomington, IL podiatrist at McLean County Foot and Ankle.Hammertoes

What are hammertoes? 
Hammertoes are a foot deformity in which the toe curls downwards instead of lying straight. While this condition can affect any toe on the foot, it most often occurs in the second and third toes. Hammertoes usually form slowly over time, causing difficulty walking, corns and calluses and reduced range of motion in the toes.

What causes hammertoes? 
Hammertoes come from many causes, including:

  • arthritis
  • wearing high-heeled, pointed, narrow or generally ill-fitting shoes
  • problems with the connective tissues in the foot
  • bunion
  • trauma to the toe

People who have a family history of hammertoes, often wear ill-fitting shoes, or are have other foot conditions such as corns or bunions are more at-risk for developing hammertoes. Your podiatrist uses a physical examination and, if necessary, imagining techniques like x-rays to diagnose a hammertoe.

Preventing Hammertoes in Bloomington, IL
Foot pads, custom orthotics or insoles, and physical therapy including special stretches may also treat hammertoes. In severe cases, your doctor may recommend surgery. Some cases of hammertoe can be prevented or treated by simply wearing properly fitting shoes. If you opt to continue wearing high-heeled shoes, aim for shoes with a low heel under 2 inches in height. This not only prevents hammertoes but bunions and corns or calluses as well.

For more information on hammertoes, please contact  Dr. Gerald Paul at McLean County Foot and Ankle in Bloomington, IL. Call (309) 662-9001 to schedule your appointment for a foot examination.

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