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November 19, 2018
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Bunions affect many adults in the U.S. Bunions can be uncomfortable and even painful. They can develop if the joint of the big toe moves out of place. When that happens, a bony protrusion can form on the side of the foot just below the big toe resulting in a bunion. Shoes tend to rub against bunions and cause them to become further inflamed, which can lead to discomfort and even pain. Fortunately, bunion treatments are available. At McLean County Foot and Ankle, Dr. Gerald Paul is your podiatrist for the treatment of bunions in Bloomington, IL.

Symptoms and Causes

Bunions are caused by the misplacement of the big toe joint. When this toe joint moves out of place, it causes the big toe to shift toward the smaller toes. As the big toe shifts in that direction, it causes the bone on the side of the foot to protrude outward. This bony protrusion results in the development of bunions. Bunions can become easily inflamed and irritated as the interior of a person’s footwear rubs against the bunions. This can lead to such symptoms as skin that is tender and red, as well as discomfort and pain when, especially when walking or running.


Several options exist for treating the symptoms of bunions. Some convenient over-the-counter options are available, but a podiatrist can prescribe the best treatment methods for each patients’ specific condition. Podiatry options for treating bunions in Bloomington include:

  • Recommendations for better fitting footwear
  • Orthotic shoe inserts to stabilize the toe joint
  • Protective padding to provide cushion and reduce friction inside shoes
  • Foot exercises to prevent stiffness and improve joint function
  • Splints worn at night to realign the toe joint
  • Removal of corns or calluses
  • Surgical removal of bunions

Relief from the pain and discomfort of bunions is available through a podiatrist. For the treatment of bunions in Bloomington, schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul by calling McLean County Foot and Ankle at (309) 662-9001.


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